Anti-male sexism in NHS guidance on male sterilisation, female sterilisation, and abortion

We know the NHS is deeply anti-male, even with respect to recruitment of medical students. 70% of medical students today are women, though female doctors will typically work only half the hours over their careers, compared with their male colleagues. The bottom line? Two women have to be trained as doctors to get the same work output as one man, at twice the cost of training to be picked up by taxpayers – still, no problem there, men pay only 72% of the income taxes that finance this social engineering experiment, which has been so disastrous for NHS patients. Men pay only £68 BILLION more income tax than women every year. And the capacity shortfall is ‘solved’ by the recruitment of many doctors from overseas, many trained in poor countries which can ill afford their departure.

My thanks to David for pointing me towards a remarkable example of anti-male sexism, on a NHS website providing guidance to people considering being sterilised, and women considering having an abortion. His email takes up the remainder of this blog piece:

“Hi Mike,

I was browsing the NHS website recently and thought you might be interested in examples of casual sexism I found. The NHS website guidance on vasectomies is here. In the section ‘Before you decide to have a vasectomy’, we find this:

If you have a partner, discuss it with them before deciding to have a vasectomy. If possible, you should both agree to the procedure, but it is not a legal requirement to get your partner’s permission…

Your doctor will ask about your circumstances and provide information and counselling before agreeing to the procedure…

Your GP does have the right to refuse to carry out the procedure or refuse to refer you for the procedure if they do not believe that it is in your best interests. If this is the case, you may have to pay to have a vasectomy privately.

The guidance on female sterilisation is here. There is no suggestion that a woman should discuss the matter with her partner in advance of deciding to have the operation. But it does offer this:

Your GP will strongly recommend counselling before referring you for sterilisation. Counselling will give you a chance to talk about the operation in detail, and any doubts, worries or questions that you might have…

If you decide to be sterilised, your GP will refer you to a specialist for treatment.

Could it be clearer? GPs can refuse to refer men wanting to be sterilised (at low cost), while they cannot refuse to refer women (at a higher cost). It gets worse. In the guidance about abortion there is no suggestion that a woman considering having the operation should discuss the matter with her partner in advance.

The NHS guidance on vasectomies is that a man considering the operation should discuss the matter with his partner beforehand – an open invitation to the woman to commit paternity fraud by causing a contraceptive method to fail e.g. ‘forgetting’ to take her contraceptive pills – while the guidance on abortion and female sterilisation doesn’t recognise that a woman’s partner could have a legitimate interest in the matter.

The NHS clearly regards women’s bodily autonomy, personal wishes, and privacy, in much higher regard than men’s.

Just another example of the rampant sexism and gynocentrism within our NHS.



Laura Bates’s fiance should say this to her

Our thanks to Doris, a long-time supporter and donor – who recently suffered a heart attack, from which she is thankfully recovering well, partly because she’s heroically managed to give up smoking – for taking the time to send this in:

I had a girlfriend whose father told her she was a whiner.

I used to ask her, “Would you like some cheese with that whine?”

If anyone manages to video record Special Snowflakes’s fiance saying this to her, along with her reaction, we’ll make a modest donation to the charity of his or her choice, so long as that choice is Mankind Initiative.

Owen Davies publicly challenges Laura Bates

Owen Davies, a student, won our ‘Winston’ award in recognition of his challenge of Laura Bates on live television over her repeated lie that over two women a week are killed in the UK by partners or ex-partners. It’s just come to our attention that he recently posted a 12-minute video in which he publicly challenged Bates, and it’s a treat to watch. Enjoy.

Owen’s YouTube channel is here.

Laura Bates’s apologists – Gormless Women of the Month

During a recent morning break, I asked the team for suggestions for this month’s ‘Gormless Feminist of the Month’ award. Several names were put forward, but in the end all agreed that the people who are apologists for Laura Bates’s continuing refusal to retract the lie which recently resulted in her becoming a ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ should be given the award. Two outstanding examples of her apologists – ‘SweetStrawberryShell’ and ‘WeeFaolan’ – posted mind-numbingly gormless comments on one of Herbert Purdy’s YouTube videos, and a link to that video is on Bates’s award certificate.

Laura Bates’s book signing in Hampstead

Last Wednesday evening I visited Waterstone’s bookshop in Hampstead, where Laura Bates was due to give a talk and sign copies of her whine book, Everyday Sexism. I arrived 15 minutes early, bought a ticket, and noted the staff had put out 50-60 chairs. Half were already occupied, mostly by women in their late teens or 20s, the remainder by older women and a few hapless-looking men.

I’d taken along 50 copies of a flyer to hand out, containing the proof that Bates’s repeated claim that, ‘Over two women per week are killed by partners or former partners in the UK’ is false, and that her continuing dogged repetition of the claim after we’d sent her contradictory evidence (government statistics) make her an indisputable liar, a worthy winner of our latest Lying Feminist of the Month award.

The front row was fully occupied by young women, so I walked along the row, saying:

Hi! Big fan of Laura Bates! Can I give you one of my handouts?

The reaction was positive, and it wasn’t until I’d handed out a number of flyers that the penny started to drop. I handed out flyers to other people, and before long the whining started. In one row of seven 20-something women, one of them said, ‘You claim Laura Bates is a liar. What proof do you have?’ I replied, ‘Well, the proof is in the flyer, but I have a copy with me of the ONS report which proves she’s a liar. Would you like to see the relevant section of the report?’ She replied, ‘No thanks!’, handed the flyer back to me, and the women with her did likewise, in a suitably anxious sheep-like fashion. It was the phenomenon we’re so familiar with, feminists being unwilling to engage with facts which prove their narratives to be lies. For these women, feelings trump facts every time. They might as well have said to me:

Laura’s nice, she’s on the telly and the radio all the time, so she can’t be lying, you’re a bad man for saying it’s even possible! I’m grateful to her for explaining why my life is a complete mess – sexism!!!

One cackling young crone claimed loudly that I had no evidence Bates was lying. I offered to show her the proof – the ONS report – and her cackling became louder. I asked her why she was cackling, a question which appeared to confuse her. I was reminded why we’d presented Laura Bates’s defenders our latest Gormless Feminists of the Month award. Some of these women aren’t… er… let’s be kind… well. Bats in the belfry, and all that.

I got a warmer reception from others, including a 30-something French woman who was prepared to engage in a rational discussion, to my amazement. The men in the audience were predictably hopeless. Those who were with their female partners looked like rabbits dazed by car headlights when I offered them the flyer, while two of three men sitting on their own refused to accept one. I said to one of them, ‘Aren’t you interested that the person you’ve paid to hear talk tonight has been shown publicly to be a liar, but won’t retract her lie?’ He was at a loss for anything to say, and shifted on his seat uncomfortably.

Just before the scheduled start time, two young female members of staff came to me and asked me to leave, saying Laura Bates was nervous, as she’d received death threats. I said I was the last person in the world likely to threaten Laura Bates, as she’s such an asset to J4MB – a feminist who lies publicly, then lies publicly about having lied publicly. But they were politely insistent, so I left. I couldn’t see Bates, who was presumably keeping out of the way lest my shadow fall on her, leading to her instant collapse and death.

We look forward to attending other public events where Bates and other prominent feminists are appearing. No longer can they expect to attend events without being publicly exposed as the liars they all are.

Laura Bates lies AGAIN!!!

[Note added 4.10.14: A link to the government statistics which prove that Laura Bates’s claim was a lie is here.]

[Note added 11.10.14: Some time after the BBC programme was aired, we discovered the name of the young man who challenged Laura Bates is Owen Davies, a student. We’ve released his name with his permission.]

Two nights ago, on a BBC3 television programme being broadcast live, we witnessed something quite remarkable. Laura Bates – The Everyday Whining Project – lied again about the number of women being killed by partners and ex-partners – the very lie which led to her Lying Feminist of the Month award. Even more remarkable was that a young man in the audience called her out on her lie, referring to our public challenge of her, to which she still hasn’t responded.

Even by BBC standards, the programme Free Speech Live was very anti-male – ironically, given the title of the debate was, ‘Do we live in a sexist country?’. The panel consisted of four people – three women and a male comedian. One of the women, Angela Epstein, is a non-feminist, while the other three people are feminists. The (male) presenter was feminist-friendly. The vast majority of the studio audience were women. The piece started off with photographs and short video pieces from women only – hardly surprising, given that the BBC had solicited materials only from women. The whole programme couldn’t have been more sexist – anti-male.

We’ve loaded the debate onto our YouTube channel – here. We’ve added some commentary and identified the points when Laura Bates lied (twice, within the section 1:26 – 3:50). The undoubted star of the show was the young man in the audience who challenged Bates about her lie, at 2:39. We take our hats off to him, challenging a prominent feminist in a deeply hostile anti-male environment. Two other young men in the audience made some points, one of them mentioning MGM, but they were ignored.

The best critique of the programme we’ve read so far is here. It catalogues the many areas in which British men and boys suffer from sexism, none of which were mentioned in the BBC programme.

Why are some men violent? Could it be the same reason some women are?

One of the best-received presentations at last week’s Detroit conference on men’s issues was that given by a well-known speaker, Stefan Molyneux, who runs a very popular website, Free Domain Radio. The video of his conference presentation is downloadable here.

The title of his talk referred to male genital mutilation, and what he said on that topic was certainly interesting. But for me the material he presented on why some people are violent – in the context of domestic violence and otherwise – was an eye-opener. I won’t spoil what may come as big a surprise to you as it did to me, but the relevant section starts at 12:58.

Elena Rybolovlev earned an average of £321,600 per day for 24 years… for being married

From the Daily Mail:

It’s the story of the divorce settlement between a Russian oligarch, Dmitry Rybolovlev, and his wife Elena, who’ve been married for 24 years. They met before he made his money. There’s no suggestion in the article – or in any other articles I’ve read – that she played the slightest part in his business activities.

You have to assume they both lived in the lap of luxury after he’d made his fortune. Her divorce settlement (£2.7 BILLION pounds) is equivalent to £321,600 for every day of their marriage. What did she do to deserve such an astonishing sum? She married him. That’s it.

This is said to be the largest divorce settlement in history, but it’s merely an extreme example of the toxic phenomenon of women using divorce for personal enrichment. We shouldn’t be surprised that women file 75% of divorce applications. The state encourages them to divorce. We’ll be launching a new blog in the coming days on the subject of marriage and divorce.