Ferrero: STOP Making SEXIST Kinder Eggs!

Another one for the ‘you couldn’t make this s*** up!’ file. This morning I received an email from ‘’ which started off promisingly:

Mike – There’s a new petition taking off on, and we think you might be interested in signing it.

Then I read the following, with mounting disbelief. A petition has been launched by a London-based ray of sunshine, Jessica Holland. She writes:

For some utterly bizarre reason, the marketing people behind the beloved children’s treat “Kinder Egg” have decided to take us back to 1955 with their new gender stereotyped campaign.

Apparently, children must choose between the pink fashion dolls choice or the blue sprinty ranges.

As a child, I adored the Kinder “Surprise” range, the whole joy being the surprise of the toy inside. Now that element seems to have been denied to our young generation, and they will only get a suitably gender stereotyped toy.

In terms of reinforcing outdated and indeed dangerous stereotypes in young children, this is an appalling step backwards! We really need to get this range off our shelves as soon as possible, and allow children the joy of a being able to play with one of the few truly gender neutral toys out there.

There is no doubt this is shocking sexism, and both dangerous and stifling to children’s development.

We need to promote equality in the next generation, not put young people into boxes which define their future opportunities and potential.

Please Kinder, stop this outrageous campaign at once and give children back their surprise.

A link to the petition is below. It will doubtless shortly meet its target of 5,000 signatures. I’m thinking of signing it myself, just so I can then leave a comment thanking Ms Holland for being the genius behind a petition which proves yet again that gender feminists are whiny and pathetic.


One thought on “Ferrero: STOP Making SEXIST Kinder Eggs!

  1. mickster66 says:

    When this woman talks about promoting equality in the next generation she means we must continue to demonise masculinity and continue to help empower girls and women who are actually identical to men and boys and are being disadvantaged by an oppressive system exemplified by Kinder and it’s blue and pink eggs. Who could possibly have a problem with such a straightforward view of equality? Surely it’s time that blue and pink were banned altogether, FOR THE SAKE OF OUR POOR OPPRESSED DAUGHTERS: TELL FERRERO ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Sieg Heil!

    Yours faithfully radical and angry, Frinton on Sea
    (name and address withheld for fear of misogynists)

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