How to train your woman like a dog

In the modern era, would it be considered acceptable for a journalist to write an article titled, ‘How to train your woman like a dog’? Of course not. Could you imagine that if a journalist were to write such a piece anyway, a national newspaper might then publish it? Again, of course not. How, then, could the Daily Telegraph possibly justify publishing this?

17 thoughts on “How to train your woman like a dog

  1. Christian_J. says:

    ..Emily, Emily, why did you have to embarrass yourself so much and all in one single post.
    Comments such as this “I would also like to point out that a woman has a 1 in 5 chance of being raped” really do belong in the dark ages, as they were generated in the dark without any verifiable facts or information provided. That comment is just another massive smear and fraud that feminists like yourself, spread in order to claim yourself to being an automatically, assumed victim and you have played that part well. So apart from the feminist meme and unverifiable assumptions and hubris, do you have any facts or statistics that we can check and assess to back up your claims ?

  2. Alan Bowker says:

    Unless Emily re-appears I’m going to contact the police in the morning under a Missing Persons report. Vulnerable people ought not to be left unreported 🙂

  3. windytubaman says:

    Emily I salute your bravery in posting your original comment. Despite the strength of feeling on our side of the fence I hope you can see that our opinions are honestly and genuinely held some due to bitter first hand experience. I would encourage you to reply and look forward to hearing your opinions as part of this passionate debate. regards Windytubaman

  4. herbkr says:

    Yep. No doubt narcissism going on here. Borderline personality disorder initially crossed my mind too but then I remembered it presumes the sufferer can still tell the difference between perception and reality. It’s more likely full-blown psychosis to me. You know, where a person is unable to tell the difference between their perceptions and reality, and may experience delusions and possibly hallucinations? Oh, and isn’t it “DUCT” tape? The stuff men use to seal hissing leaks in air pipes? Just a small pedantic thought to keep the young lady right. Hope that helps.

  5. windytubaman says:

    Hi Emily and thanks for your comments. Firstly I hope I am not a sexist pig as the two colleagues I most respect at work are female. I work as a teacher and the vast number of my colleagues are women. ‘Okay’ I hear you say ‘but they get left off the promotion ladder how many are Head Teachers?’ well Emily in the council area I work in over half of our Head Teachers are women. The HT in the biggest senior school is also a women. In fact at the same school, of the five senior management positions, 4 out of 6 are held by women. Here’s my point I have no problem with this, these women are good at their job they earn’t their promotion but had it been the other way round and men were in the majority you and many other women who hold your views would have a problem with it. As regards the lack of women MP’s I agree it would be good to get more women into parliament but I think the reason this is difficult is because generally women don’t enjoy this kind of job as much as men (many women MP’s elected at the last election have since left their posts). The 4 women in the cabinet are in the cabinet so they managed to get the job they wanted and so I am sure would others who had the skills and drive to do so. Women only lists serve nobody and only act to discriminate against male candidates.

    As regards rape, sure this is a serious crime and needs to be dealt with unfortunately ‘false accusations’ against men are also a serious crime and these, as was publicly demonstrated recently are significantly increasing. Women are capable of lying too! Unfortunately false accusers who a ledge rape are virtually never brought to book!

    Domestic violence against men now stands at 38% but is rarely taken seriously.

    Family Courts, despite the law, still favour women and actively and very unfairly discriminate against fathers. As do social work departments.

    Equality yes but equality for all please and that includes Men

  6. Alan Bowker says:

    Well, there you go…. I was reading through the whole comment ticking off the often-quoted “typical feminist” ticklist. eg. Shaming language,tick….. survey myth numbers, tick …. anyway, I cannot comment or reason with anybody that has nothing more than laminate-thin appreciation of the subjects and has chosen such a unique and brave way to demonstrate that ignorance. The irony of why you ought NEVER to wipe this posting will be missed by at least one person I presume!
    In any case, I’m sure the poster does indeed wish to reduce the REAL rape levels (and not the false ones, re-categorised ones etc) so I’ll leave this little gem to consider.
    PLEASE, yes, let’s stop both the circle of violence and rape. Let’s deal with the CAUSE of the adult male on female rape tragedy.
    That tragedy is CAUSED by the sexual assaults on our male children. So, yes, lets all stamp out this blight on society by demanding that women ensure their daughters stop sexually abusing their sons because it appears that simple step would reduce rapes by more than half.

    Research Proof:? Here we go:
    Petrovich and Templer (1984) found that 60% of incarcerated rapists were molested by females when they were children. Several other studies uncovered high percentages also. It appears that women’s molestation of boys has some very serious repercussions. Society can no longer look away.
    Petrovich, M., & Templer, D. (1984). Heterosexual molestation of children who later became rapists. Psychological Reports, 54, 810.

    Anecdotal Proof:?
    I am personally pushing UK police to arrest and charge a female sex abuser of my own son.

    Cognitive Dissonance?: I’m sure proof of THAT will be posted soon.
    Be warned, my response will be: “I told you so”

  7. emily says:

    Firstly the article to which you refer was posted by a man who went on to say that he did not mean to say that men were less complex than women and he was only writing a funny article. Now before I go on, if you think for a minute that I am in line with your views or sick ‘Anti feminist league’ then you are sorely deluded. In some of the entries written on the J4MB website, you claim that women are out of the woods and that there is equality for women, or rather even inequality against men. One of these books written by ‘Mike Buchanan’ (leader of the site) was entitled Feminism:The Ugly Truth, and by taking one glance at this appalling website I am guessing that this book is hardly talking about the ugly truth when it comes to female discrimination. And yes I understand that this man is named Buchanan after Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, a misogynistic, racist character who is meant to be loathsome and considered to have no intelligence, though you clearly idolise (yes I, a women, am capable of reading books!!! You must be so shocked and appalled)
    To begin my reasoning behind women being anything but ‘out of the woods’ when it comes to gender inequalities, I would like to raise the point that out of 27 MPs in the UK cabinet today, 4 are women and that only 22% of the MPs in the House of Commons are female whereas 52% of the UK population is female, therefore the role of the government in representing the electorate has clearly massively failed here.
    I would also like to point out that a woman has a 1 in 5 chance of being raped whereas a man has a 1 in 10, meaning its doubly as likely that a girl will be raped as opposed to a man. Statistics published by the police also conclude that 93.7% of rapists are men. Therefore even you can clearly see that decreasing female sexual assaults needs to be dealt with before male assaults (not that that isn’t important as well) and therefore the claim I saw on your website that male assault is not only more serious but more common is totally false.
    Men should be equal to women, I could not agree more. However as women are so much more highly discriminated against not only in everyday situations but in terms of livelihoods, jobs and general international opinion, you should not attempt to persuade people that men are that ones that are not equal with the privileged women as I am sorry to break it to you, but you are so inconceivably wrong I can not quite believe a website like this exists in the 21st century, these are not in accordance with the progress the rest of the world is making toward viewing women are increasingly equal to men.
    I realise that you will not be publishing this as you are far too cowardly, however I would like my voice heard, even if its only by one person who reads this, then that is my voice made slightly louder and my aim achieved. By not publishing this comment but many made by men, I can assume that you wish for nothing more than to duck tape my mouth shut and prevent my voice from ever escaping as I am a women. By prompting men’s voices to be so much louder (not that they shouldn’t have a voice, just that it should be equal) then you are openly declaring your sexist and misogynistic approach to the world. If I don’t see this comment I posted, I will be forced to view you as nothing but sexist pigs.

    • mickster66 says:

      Emily you have given us some very bad and hackneyed feminist bilge, replete with as previously mentioned: shaming language, biased statistics to help you win the victim olympics and the ridiculous notion that there are so few women MPs because of male oppression, funny that nobody told all those female barristers and GPs about the patriarchal plot to keep women in the kitchen (in between raping and beating them).

      Your pearl clutching horror at your precious victim narrative being challenged makes you look ridiculous, get with the program woman, this is 2014 and men are beginning to wake up and smell the bullshit. We are not rapists, most of us are not in positions of power, like most men throughout history many of us are too busy slogging our guts out for our families to oppress anyone. We take less out of the system than women in terms of health spending, we make up 80% of the homeless, we do 60% more time for the same crimes as women and women (and there are plenty cases to choose from) who sexually abuse children are treated far more leniently than men, men get treated like crap by the family courts, educationally there is a crisis brewing for our young boys whilst men make up around 30% of graduates, we get ignored when it comes to domestic violence (and despite what years of feminist lies distortion and propaganda have done, the fact remains that decades of research clearly shows gender symmetry in domestic violence, as it would in rape statistics if ‘made to penetrate’ were classed as rape). Women have the right to choose, men have no reproductive rights, show me one right that men have that women don’t?

      Do you still want to argue that women face the bulk of discrimination in our society? You will need some better arguments and some counter arguments. And if you are going to talk about women in other parts of the world maybe you should do some research into the lives of men and boys in those countries too, since you seem to know nothing of men’s real (as opposed to the feminist fantasy) lived experience here. Indeed, you are engaging in something known in the trade as femsplaining. In short you are a narrow minded bigot. .

    • Emily, good afternoon. Anja Eriud, an Irish ‘Honey Badger’ (a term meaning a non-feminist or anti-feminist woman), writes the influential blog, ‘Men’s Rights Are Human Rights’. She’s just published a blog post in response to your comment. Enjoy:

      We invite you to comment here (or on Anja’s blog) in response to the points people have made about your article. Thank you.

    • Emily, our blog post – ‘The importance of Emily Jarman’s voice’ – inspired by your comments:

      Have a nice day.

    • John mws says:

      Hi Emily, welcome on board. MHRAs are also working to make women more equal to men too. Men’s rights have a lot of catching up to do, and your views help to make this clear to others.

    • LOL. This is almost as funny as Big Red’s rant outside the University of Toronto!

      What is it feminists say? The comments on any article about femjnism are proof of why we need feminism? Pot. Kettle. Black

    • Anonymous says:

      “out of 27 MPs in the UK cabinet today, 4 are women and that only 22% of the MPs in the House of Commons are female whereas 52% of the UK population is female, therefore the role of the government in representing the electorate has clearly massively failed here.”

      1. Women have the same opportunities in the UK today as men, period. Show us what’s preventing women from studying economics, politics etc and pursuing a career towards being an MP. Your argument is akin to campaigning for more white runners in the 100m sprint. Have you ever heard of the word ‘merit’!

      “I would also like to point out that a woman has a 1 in 5 chance of being raped whereas a man has a 1 in 10, meaning its doubly as likely that a girl will be raped as opposed to a man.”

      Whose definition of rape are you using? Are you taking into account false rape stats and lies? Do you count pregnancy deception as rape? You talk about ‘chances’ of being raped. Is that similar to ‘actual’ rapes? Do you think a drunk woman who wakes up in the morning is more or less likely to report consensual sex to the police as a drunk man? What percentage of men commit rape? Does that tiny percentage really give feminists enough fuel to justify their ‘rape culture’ argument? Do you align your husband, brother, father with the same wide-brush argument.

      “Statistics published by the police also conclude that 93.7% of rapists are men”

      The statistics are wrong. They will evolve into something closer to the truth. You will get egg on your face. It’s just a matter of time.

      “Therefore even you can clearly see that decreasing female sexual assaults needs to be dealt with before male assaults”

      No. Sexual assaults (or any assaults) should never be prioritised on race, hair colour, class or indeed gender. Age is a different matter, and that I can understand. But why should someone get priority over someone else just because they are male or female? Surely if you are fighting for equality, you’d agree that the lad down the street, who last night experienced sexual abuse from some loutish young women, should expect the same degree of attention as a woman who experienced a similar issue? if you disagree with that statement then you clearly must be sexist. One minute feminists are saying “hey, we’re in the minority, please give us special treatment” then next minute feminists are saying “hey, we’re in the majority, please give us special treatment”. Cake and eat it !!!

    • Emily, you’re slowly becoming famous in the men’s human rights movement:

      Have a nice day.

  8. vadark says:

    DISGUSTING. This sort of junk contributes towards the many reasons as to why men are getting angrier and angrier. Makes my blood boil.

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