Julie Bentley, Girlguiding UK chief executive: December 2013 ‘Whiny Woman of the Month’

A number of supporters and donors emailed us this morning following the transmission of an interview on BBC Breakfast with Julie Bentley, chief executive of Girlguiding UK http://www.girlguiding.org.uk/home.aspx. One of the few things I know about her organisation is that it’s sexist, as only girls and young women can join. The other major national organisation of a comparable nature and size is the Scouts http://scouts.org.uk/what-we-do/parent-faq/ which has allowed girls and young women to join for some time. So it’s ironic that Julie Bentley has the barefaced cheek to pontificate on the issue of sexism, but she does. Such people are utterly shameless. The BBC online report on her comments:


Most of the piece is laughable, but you’d have to go to some effort to beat this gem:

The report concludes that despite awareness of the difficulties they face, most girls remain positive, with 55% hoping to get to the top of their chosen profession, 70% wanting to combine a career and motherhood and 11% preferring a career over children.

So, only 11% of girls ‘prefer a career over children’ but 55% of girls are ‘hoping to get to the top of their chosen profession’. Yes, that makes perfect sense. Who’s putting such ridiculous expectations into girls’ and young women’s minds, when so few of them wish to prioritise a career over children? Toxic women like Julie Bentley, that’s who, by indoctrinating girls and young women into believing that whatever they’re unhappy with in life (their appearance, their career progression… and so much else) is directly attributable to men, often by exercising that formidable weapon against women and girls, sexism. The sexism faced by men and boys is of an altogether far more serious nature than that faced by women and girls, as anyone who’s visited The Alternative Sexism Project https://thealternativesexismproject.wordpress.com will know.

Men must do a lot more to protect girls’ and women’s fragile egos, clearly. To start with, let’s have unisex running events, where competitors’ starting positions on the track are related to their gender, level of fitness, weight, age etc. At the Olympic 100 metres final we’ll have morbidly obese chain-smoking 15-year-old single mothers with hacking coughs starting at the 90-metre point, thereby enabling them to beat Usain Bolt, and we’ll all pretend afterwards that they beat him on the basis of merit.

Women who see sexism everywhere need to grow up. We have more than enough Entitlement Princesses already, and we surely don’t need organisations such as Girlguiding training yet another generation of girls and young women to become whiny sexism spotters.

Two donors suggested that we make Julie Bentley the next ‘Whiny Woman of the Month’, and we like to keep our donors happy, so here’s her certificate:

131129 Julie Bentley’s ‘Whiny Woman of the Month’ award certificate


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