Monthly Archives: March 2014


Hardly a month goes by without a new award being launched. Currently we have:

Entitlement Princess of the Month – awarded by an American gentleman:

J4MB presents the following awards:

Lying Woman of the Month – launched today. The inaugural award has been presented to gender feminist campaigner and authoress Kat Banyard, who’s never been mistaken for a ray of sunshine:

140329 Inaugural Lying Woman of the Month award certificate – Kat Banyard

Whiny Woman of the Month – presented to miserable women who manipulate people into doing whatever it takes to stop them whining. Presumably they were once girls who got what they wanted by whining, and they never stopped. They never grew into normal well-functioning adults. We recommend walking away from whining women until they become inaudible.

The inaugural award winner was – needless to say – Laura Bates, of The Everyday Whining Project. All the WWOTM awards are downloadable through this link:

Harpy – presented to influential gender feminists in politics, journalism, and elsewhere. The award uses the same image that was used for the cover of my book Feminism: the ugly truth. We presented Harriet Harman MP with a Harpy Lifetime Achievement in April 2012:

120401 HH Harpy Award, revised

Toady – presented to men in positions of influence who use that influence to advantage women and/or girls over men and/or boys, regardless of the consequences. David Cameron won the Toady of the Year award in 2012 and 2013, and if he introduces all-women candidate shortlists for the 2015 general election, he’ll win the 2014 award too. Our blog piece on the matter, with a link to his 2013 award:

Maggie – presented in honour of Margaret Thatcher, the finest British peacetime prime minister of the 20th century, a non-feminist and a true meritocrat. It’s awarded to women who want to see women advancing through hard work and talent, rather than through individual and collective manipulation of institutions. One of the earliest winners of the award – in October 2012 – was the writer and broadcaster Angela Epstein:

Winston – presented in honour of Winston Churchill, the finest British wartime prime minister of the 20th century. It’s awarded to men in positions of influence who use that influence to stand up for men and boys in the face of feminist onslaughts. Only one male MP has won the award to date, the Conservative MP Philip Davies, again in October 2012:

We intend to introduce more awards over time. Feel free to contact me with suggestions.