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Will someone change Laura Bates’s diaper?

Yesterday I posted a piece linking to Laura Bates’s recently-published book, Everyday Sexism. I posted some comments on Amazon, and later one ‘D.F. Dodds’ posted his (or her?) own comments, with the title, ‘Will someone change Laura Bates’s diaper?’

Western women today are just about the most privileged and pampered group in the history of humanity, but that doesn’t stop Laura Bates wailing like an incontinent toddler about how tough she and her sisters have it.

Seriously Laura, is this where 50 years of feminism has brought you and British women?

Time for you and the other infantilised whiners to grow up!

What an inspired metaphor – ‘wailing like an incontinent toddler’. I invite you to leave your own comments. Link here:

Laura Bates’s book has been published. Yippee.

Someone told me the other day that Laura Bates had compiled a collection of whines in a book (paperback and Kindle editions) with the inevitable title, Everyday Sexism:

Published by a major commercial publisher, the book is the #1 bestseller in the Amazon ‘Discrimination & racism’ category, #1 in ‘Feminist criticism’ and #2 in ‘Social issues’, proving there are a lot of whiny female book buyers out there. In her Amazon profile Bates is described as a ‘freelane (sic) journalist’.

I’ve posted the following comment along with a one-star rating (Amazon don’t allow zero stars). They’ve passed the comments but pulled the links. I imagine Bates and others will whine at Amazon until the comments are removed:

Just what the world needs, a collection of whines from the inaugural winner of our political party’s ‘Whiny Woman of the Month’ award. Her certificate is downloadable through this link:

Bates is one of those whiny feminists who complain about people trying to silence her, yet she and Caroline Criado-Perez (‘Lying Woman of the Month’ and ‘Whiny Woman of the Month’) are on the radio and TV with monotonous regularity. Of course there are a few sexist men around, but expecting the world to change, and sexism to end, infantilises women. Still, with this book out and presumably selling well to other whiny women – there’s never a shortage of them – Bates officially becomes a professional whine merchant.

I see men get a mention in chapter 10. Yippee. The difference between the sexism faced by women and that faced by men is that men don’t whine about it, they suffer in silence. If you want to get a sense of the sexism faced all the time by men, visit:

Mike Buchanan

Justice for men & boys

(and the women who love them)

How to deal with the whiny women in your life

How best to deal with the whiny women in your life, whether at work or at home? A whiny nature usually develops in early childhood – maybe that’s why whiny women generally sound like petulant little girls – and we recommend two options we’ve found work well when a woman starts to whine. Don’t wait until she’s wound you up. You don’t need that sort of misery in your life.

1. Walk away from the woman until she’s no longer audible; or

2. Listen to some music through headphones or earphones, with the volume cranked up sufficiently high that you can no longer hear a word she’s saying. It may be worth taking an MP3 player to work for this sole purpose.

When you’ve taken our advice and found that the women in your life are whining less than previously, and your quality of life has improved markedly as a result, feel free to show your appreciation by making a donation towards our work:

Thank you for your support.

Caroline Criado-Perez – Whiny Woman of the Month

[Note added 10.4.14: This piece inspired a supporter to write some lyrics to be sung to the tune of the Tom Jones classic, Delilah. It starts, ‘Whine, whine, whine, Caroline…’. Enjoy: ]

A woman has to be special to win both a ‘Lying Woman of the Month’ award and a ‘Whiny Woman of the Month’ award. Caroline Criado-Perez is very special. We think of her, as we think of Laura Bates, as the gift that keeps on giving:

Caroline Criado-Perez – Lying Woman of the Month

Caroline Criado-Perez is the professional whine merchant behind such pathetic campaigns as ‘women on banknotes’. She appears with monotonous regularity in the mainstream media, often complaining of efforts to silence her. She personally gets considerably more mainstream media coverage – globally – than all the world’s men’s human rights advocates collectively. I wish I, along with other MHRAs, was silenced as much as CC-P.

In June 2013 I was interviewed at length (45 minutes) on BBC Three Counties Radio about the issue of women on boards, and related matters. CC-P called in and we had a lengthy discussion (16:09 – 35:05 on the audio file, link below). At 18:17 she made the following demonstrably inaccurate claim, after I’d explained about five longitudinal studies which show that increasing the proportion of women on corporate boards leads to financial decline:

I would like to pick up the idea of longitudinal studies if I could. Actually, there are many longitudinal studies that would say the opposite.

I immediately challenged her, but she soon moved onto another topic, and of course the white knight interviewer didn’t challenge her.

A few days after the programme I publicly challenged CC-P about her inaccurate claim, and 10 months on we still haven’t had a response. I felt it was about time we had one. Shortly after midday yesterday, I posted a message on the comment form at her modestly-named website From her website I learned that – bizarrely, for a woman who’s every bit as miserable as Laura Bates of The Everyday Whining Project – she’d appeared in ‘The Happy List’, a list of 100 people prepared by the left-leaning Independent on Sunday last year. An online article about the list starts with the following (seriously, I haven’t made this up):

Today, The Independent on Sunday publishes its sixth annual Happy List, naming 100 outstanding people whose volunteering, caring, fundraising, mentoring, charity founding or selflessness makes Britain a more contented, supportive, better-adjusted and happier place.

A link to the article:

The note I posted on the contact form on CC-P’s website yesterday:

Caroline, good afternoon. I hope this finds you well.

You may recall you made an inaccurate statement when calling into a BBC Three Counties Radio programme on which I was being interviewed at length last year. I publicly challenged you to retract that statement (link below) and you’ve never responded to that challenge. To refresh your memory, I suggest you scroll down to the audio file (and a link to our public challenge) dated 7 June 2013:

I invite you to apologise for making the misleading statement, and to retract it, before the end of April, otherwise you’ll become next month’s ‘Lying Woman of the Month’ award winner on 1 May. Feel free to send the apology and retraction to me at, and I’ll do a short blog piece with your text. I should much prefer that you do the honourable and adult thing – to apologise and to retract your statement – than issue you with the award. Hopefully you’ll find five minutes at some point in the next 25 days to do so.

Kat Banyard was the inaugural winner of this award, having failed to retract a claim she’d made on ‘Channel 4 News’, concerning the frequency with which schoolgirls suffer sexual harassment.

Have a nice day.

Best wishes,

Mike Buchanan


(and the women who love them)

I hadn’t the slightest intention of putting this message into the public arena. I wanted her to act like an adult with integrity, a ridiculous ambition, I know, but hope springs eternal. Her whiny and emotive responses made me change my mind. Earlier today, rather than contact me privately by email, she posted four messages addressed to me on her Twitter account in the space of just four minutes:

@MikeBuchanan11 since you don’t seem to understand police warnings, I’ll try a clearer tack: DO NOT EVER CONTACT ME AGAIN. Reported again.

I’ve never received a police warning in my life – I have a new Police Certificate by way of proof, obtained as part of my visa application for my travel to Detroit in June – so is she simply mistaken in thinking I’ve had one in relation to her? Did she make a complaint to the police about my previous polite messages, and she thinks they have nothing better to do than follow up every whiny little complaint she makes to them? Is she narcissistic? Delusional? Her next messages:

@MikeBuchanan11 and award me whatever pathetic little prize you want. I literally couldn’t give a fuck what you choose to waste your time on.

@MikeBuchanan11 but I do care when I have to waste my time ensuring your dullard emails go to spam. 30mins of my life I’ll never get back.

@MikeBuchanan11 So, in summary, continue your pointless obsessions, but DO NOT CONTACT ME. Hope this gets through your thick skull.

This is priceless. It feels like being attacked by a petulant foot-stomping little child, the same feeling I had on the only occasion I met Laura Bates, when she stormed out of a BBC Radio studio. CC-P appears to be giving me her permission to continue my ‘pointless obsessions’ – could she be referring to my battle against her hate-driven female supremacy ideology, I wonder? She then orders me NOT TO CONTACT HER as though – being a woman – she has the automatic power to order any man around. Hmm. How might that work out with me? She really should check her privilege. Later today I’ll be nominating her for next month’s ‘Entitlement Princess of the Month’ award. In the meantime, here’s her ‘Lying Woman of the Month’ award certificate:

140407 Lying Woman of the Month, May 2014 – Caroline Criado-Perez

It’s awarded for May 2014, still three weeks away, but as L’Oreal might say:

She’s worth it.

Teresa Hughes: April 2014 ‘Lying Woman of the Month’

A truly vile woman, Teresa Hughes (39), has won this month’s award:

140406 Lying Woman of the Month – Teresa Hughes


The importance of Emily Jarman’s voice

Early in March Emily Jarman – someone we hadn’t previously heard of – made some ill-advised comments on our piece, ‘How to train your women like a dog’. It resulted in some challenging responses, and she replied to none of them. ‘A Voice for Men’ published our piece on the matter, scroll down to March 16 in our ‘article library’:

The Everyday Sexism Project is a key element in ‘fourth wave’ feminism. No, seriously, it is!

The most-visited and most influential men’s human rights advocacy website in the world, ‘A Voice for Men’, has published another of our pieces. Scroll down through our AVfM article library to April 4.

One commenter, Stu, left the following comment:

“This project just proves what I have been saying since my teenage years, that feminists will never, ever stop complaining and demanding new and more restrictive laws on men…….ever. No matter what men do, or don’t do, they just keep finding cause to cry foul, and it will never end. No amount of appeasement will satisfy them. They are addicted to crying victim and nothing will stop them doing it. Each generation of women grows weaker and weaker, and more and more intolerant and sensitive. Feminism was supposed to be about strong women, instead what we have is a generation of women raised on victimhood who are so weak and pathetic and traumatized by every little thing that they can’t stand up in a slight breeze. They need propping up and protecting in every way, from every little thing. It’s going to get to the point where a woman can’t even breathe on her own.

They will literally need to live lives wrapped up in cotton wool on life support systems where everything in their environments is kept at absolute perfection or it will be totally intolerable for them.

I have some news for all you whiny women. You become strong by having to endure, and putting up with things. You become tolerant by exposure. This is why men are stronger than women to begin with, because we have to be, because we have to do the heavy lifting for ourselves, as well as for you, and the children. You don’t become strong, physically, mentally, or emotionally, by having every little thing that annoys you removed, and being protected from the slightest inconvenience……that….is how you grow weak and pathetic. You don’t become tolerant by being able to reject or silence, or censor everyone else’s view and opinions to protect your delicate little feelings…….this is how you become a narrow-minded bigot who thinks your way is the only way that should be allowed. ….for anybody, not just yourself.

This is what feminism has turned you into. A weak, pathetic, physical, mental, and emotional cripple, who needs to be protected and provided for in every way…..and can’t even stand a small annoyance without thinking the world must stop and devote its resources to removing that for you.

If feminism is successful in continuing this bullshit, the future for women will be a pack of basket cases who are totally dependent on men. Grown women who are like little babies who can’t do anything for themselves, and merely cry every time they perceive any sort of discomfort, be it physical or mental or emotional.

That is evolution. Whatever abilities are not needed, are disposed off. You know, you can’t get strong by sending someone else down the gym to lift weights for you…..what happens is that you get weak, and they get strong. This applies to mental and physical and emotional strength and tolerance too. You women are the equals of total couch potatoes who think you can get fit watching footy.”