The Everyday Sexism Project is a key element in ‘fourth wave’ feminism. No, seriously, it is!

The most-visited and most influential men’s human rights advocacy website in the world, ‘A Voice for Men’, has published another of our pieces. Scroll down through our AVfM article library to April 4.

One commenter, Stu, left the following comment:

“This project just proves what I have been saying since my teenage years, that feminists will never, ever stop complaining and demanding new and more restrictive laws on men…….ever. No matter what men do, or don’t do, they just keep finding cause to cry foul, and it will never end. No amount of appeasement will satisfy them. They are addicted to crying victim and nothing will stop them doing it. Each generation of women grows weaker and weaker, and more and more intolerant and sensitive. Feminism was supposed to be about strong women, instead what we have is a generation of women raised on victimhood who are so weak and pathetic and traumatized by every little thing that they can’t stand up in a slight breeze. They need propping up and protecting in every way, from every little thing. It’s going to get to the point where a woman can’t even breathe on her own.

They will literally need to live lives wrapped up in cotton wool on life support systems where everything in their environments is kept at absolute perfection or it will be totally intolerable for them.

I have some news for all you whiny women. You become strong by having to endure, and putting up with things. You become tolerant by exposure. This is why men are stronger than women to begin with, because we have to be, because we have to do the heavy lifting for ourselves, as well as for you, and the children. You don’t become strong, physically, mentally, or emotionally, by having every little thing that annoys you removed, and being protected from the slightest inconvenience……that….is how you grow weak and pathetic. You don’t become tolerant by being able to reject or silence, or censor everyone else’s view and opinions to protect your delicate little feelings…….this is how you become a narrow-minded bigot who thinks your way is the only way that should be allowed. ….for anybody, not just yourself.

This is what feminism has turned you into. A weak, pathetic, physical, mental, and emotional cripple, who needs to be protected and provided for in every way…..and can’t even stand a small annoyance without thinking the world must stop and devote its resources to removing that for you.

If feminism is successful in continuing this bullshit, the future for women will be a pack of basket cases who are totally dependent on men. Grown women who are like little babies who can’t do anything for themselves, and merely cry every time they perceive any sort of discomfort, be it physical or mental or emotional.

That is evolution. Whatever abilities are not needed, are disposed off. You know, you can’t get strong by sending someone else down the gym to lift weights for you…..what happens is that you get weak, and they get strong. This applies to mental and physical and emotional strength and tolerance too. You women are the equals of total couch potatoes who think you can get fit watching footy.”



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