Will someone change Laura Bates’s diaper?

Yesterday I posted a piece linking to Laura Bates’s recently-published book, Everyday Sexism. I posted some comments on Amazon, and later one ‘D.F. Dodds’ posted his (or her?) own comments, with the title, ‘Will someone change Laura Bates’s diaper?’

Western women today are just about the most privileged and pampered group in the history of humanity, but that doesn’t stop Laura Bates wailing like an incontinent toddler about how tough she and her sisters have it.

Seriously Laura, is this where 50 years of feminism has brought you and British women?

Time for you and the other infantilised whiners to grow up!

What an inspired metaphor – ‘wailing like an incontinent toddler’. I invite you to leave your own comments. Link here:


One thought on “Will someone change Laura Bates’s diaper?

  1. […] We don’t hear so much of Special Snowflake these days – maybe even the BBC finally had enough of her whining – but she was the inaugural member of The Whine Club in 2013. Two years ago I penned a very short piece about her on another of our websites, Will someone change Laura Bates’s diaper? […]

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