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Elena Rybolovlev earned an average of £321,600 per day for 24 years… for being married

From the Daily Mail:

It’s the story of the divorce settlement between a Russian oligarch, Dmitry Rybolovlev, and his wife Elena, who’ve been married for 24 years. They met before he made his money. There’s no suggestion in the article – or in any other articles I’ve read – that she played the slightest part in his business activities.

You have to assume they both lived in the lap of luxury after he’d made his fortune. Her divorce settlement (£2.7 BILLION pounds) is equivalent to £321,600 for every day of their marriage. What did she do to deserve such an astonishing sum? She married him. That’s it.

This is said to be the largest divorce settlement in history, but it’s merely an extreme example of the toxic phenomenon of women using divorce for personal enrichment. We shouldn’t be surprised that women file 75% of divorce applications. The state encourages them to divorce. We’ll be launching a new blog in the coming days on the subject of marriage and divorce.

Fawcett Society – Gormless women of the month

A new month, a new award – ‘Gormless Woman of the Month’. The inaugural award is presented not to one gormless woman but to a whole coven of them, those working at The Fawcett Society, and their supporters:

140501 Fawcett Society’s ‘Gormless Women of the Month’ award