Owen Davies publicly challenges Laura Bates

Owen Davies, a student, won our ‘Winston’ award in recognition of his challenge of Laura Bates on live television over her repeated lie that over two women a week are killed in the UK by partners or ex-partners. It’s just come to our attention that he recently posted a 12-minute video in which he publicly challenged Bates, and it’s a treat to watch. Enjoy.

Owen’s YouTube channel is here.

One thought on “Owen Davies publicly challenges Laura Bates

  1. nrjnigel says:


    I thought this short video piece with text really neatly sums up what is happening in education particularly in Uni’s. It fits with the J4MB analysis and hit a chord with me. As a student I know observed in passing, the majority of students on his engineering degree were foreign. It is madness to deliberately put off the sorts of people most likely to pursue STEM subjects.

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