Anti-male sexism in NHS guidance on male sterilisation, female sterilisation, and abortion

We know the NHS is deeply anti-male, even with respect to recruitment of medical students. 70% of medical students today are women, though female doctors will typically work only half the hours over their careers, compared with their male colleagues. The bottom line? Two women have to be trained as doctors to get the same work output as one man, at twice the cost of training to be picked up by taxpayers – still, no problem there, men pay only 72% of the income taxes that finance this social engineering experiment, which has been so disastrous for NHS patients. Men pay only £68 BILLION more income tax than women every year. And the capacity shortfall is ‘solved’ by the recruitment of many doctors from overseas, many trained in poor countries which can ill afford their departure.

My thanks to David for pointing me towards a remarkable example of anti-male sexism, on a NHS website providing guidance to people considering being sterilised, and women considering having an abortion. His email takes up the remainder of this blog piece:

“Hi Mike,

I was browsing the NHS website recently and thought you might be interested in examples of casual sexism I found. The NHS website guidance on vasectomies is here. In the section ‘Before you decide to have a vasectomy’, we find this:

If you have a partner, discuss it with them before deciding to have a vasectomy. If possible, you should both agree to the procedure, but it is not a legal requirement to get your partner’s permission…

Your doctor will ask about your circumstances and provide information and counselling before agreeing to the procedure…

Your GP does have the right to refuse to carry out the procedure or refuse to refer you for the procedure if they do not believe that it is in your best interests. If this is the case, you may have to pay to have a vasectomy privately.

The guidance on female sterilisation is here. There is no suggestion that a woman should discuss the matter with her partner in advance of deciding to have the operation. But it does offer this:

Your GP will strongly recommend counselling before referring you for sterilisation. Counselling will give you a chance to talk about the operation in detail, and any doubts, worries or questions that you might have…

If you decide to be sterilised, your GP will refer you to a specialist for treatment.

Could it be clearer? GPs can refuse to refer men wanting to be sterilised (at low cost), while they cannot refuse to refer women (at a higher cost). It gets worse. In the guidance about abortion there is no suggestion that a woman considering having the operation should discuss the matter with her partner in advance.

The NHS guidance on vasectomies is that a man considering the operation should discuss the matter with his partner beforehand – an open invitation to the woman to commit paternity fraud by causing a contraceptive method to fail e.g. ‘forgetting’ to take her contraceptive pills – while the guidance on abortion and female sterilisation doesn’t recognise that a woman’s partner could have a legitimate interest in the matter.

The NHS clearly regards women’s bodily autonomy, personal wishes, and privacy, in much higher regard than men’s.

Just another example of the rampant sexism and gynocentrism within our NHS.



2 thoughts on “Anti-male sexism in NHS guidance on male sterilisation, female sterilisation, and abortion

  1. John Mackie says:

    Another example:

    I have just had an NHS no-reply text to my booking a flu jab appointment. ” Your appointment with Ms. Flu jab clinic . is on the ….
    Presumably the feminist takeover is so complete in the NHS that only females work there.

  2. Mr Boaty says:

    Just typical ! How the hell can they say there is equality when a man is left out of the whole abortion decision . Figuratively speaking that’s part of ‘my body’ , DNA, my living cells etc in that womb, what ? and I have no choice over what you as a woman can do with it ? . If I were to leave part of my tissue , DNA, or whatever for research or to medical science the NHS has to inform me of everything they do with it and whether or not I agree for it to be destroyed or kept alive . There are very strict rules what you can do with someone’s biological matter if it’s given for a specific purpose . I gave my sperm to my wife for a specific purpose yet I have absolutely no rights or say in what she later decides to do with it.

    Time to turn this franchise around ! If you as woman agree to have sex with me and ask I insert my penis in you then you must accept the responsibility that was a joint decision / agreement between both , you can not later on as a result of that action which might be a pregnancy wash your hands of the responsibility and say to hell with you and what you may want .

    Perhaps it’s time to introduce a sexual encounter charter , each knows exactly the responsibilities involved and it is a union between ‘two’ consenting adults , the rights of both are protected in any future situation . You wait and see how many women will agree to sex when they no longer have ultimate say over the mans DNA / offspring / living tissue . They’ll be running for the hills screaming misogyny and pateriarchal control. Maybe if they took control of their own decisions and responsibilities and stood by a decent and fair set principles then we would have some sort of equality. Having sex with a woman in this society is degrading to men, you have no rights or say in any outcome, you are totally at the mercy of a woman and the female bias of the courts , medical community and the media, you are not in control of anything. “You” give away all your rights as a human being to be listened to fairly and treated with respect in that matter, you are little more than a mistake to be side lined and disregarded at will.

    There was a cultural bias in Germany around 80 years ago with a similar disregard to one section of the community’s rights. Started off with much the same insidious bias that was almost innocuous but gradually became greater and greater until it was just an every day occurrence to see that section of society side lined into almost non existence, and we all know how that eventually turned out !.

    Chaps, we need to wake up and smell the bacon , if you want any evidence just look to Sweden , there are many with agendas that are pushing for similar in the UK and the EU, and if you think that will be the end of it you need to think again , that is just beginning of the great feminist social engineering project , “women’s struggle” …..think about it! has certain ring about it if you were alive 85 years ago.

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