Laura Bates – ‘Special Snowflake’ – lies AGAIN!!!

[Note added 4.10.14: A link to the government statistics which prove that Laura Bates’s claim was a lie is here.]

[Note added 11.10.14: Some time after the BBC programme was aired, we discovered the name of the young man who challenged Laura Bates is Ieuan Morgan, a third-year engineering student at Brunel University. We’ve released his name with his permission.]

Two nights ago, on a BBC3 television programme being broadcast live, we witnessed something quite remarkable. Laura Bates – The Everyday Whining Project – lied again about the number of women being killed by partners and ex-partners – the very lie which had led to the first of her two Lying Feminist of the Month awards. Even more remarkable was that a young man in the audience called her out on her lie, referring to our public challenge of her, to which she still hasn’t responded.

Even by BBC standards, the programme Free Speech Live was very anti-male – ironically, given the title of the debate was, ‘Do we live in a sexist country?’. The panel consisted of four people – three women and a male comedian. One of the women, Angela Epstein, is a non-feminist, while the other three people are feminists. The (male) presenter was feminist-friendly. The vast majority of the studio audience were women. The piece started off with photographs and short video pieces from women only – hardly surprising, given that the BBC had solicited materials only from women. The whole programme couldn’t have been more sexist – anti-male.

We’ve loaded the debate onto our YouTube channel – here. We’ve added some commentary and identified the points when Laura Bates lied (twice, within the section 1:26 – 3:50). The undoubted star of the show was the young man in the audience who challenged Bates about her lie, at 2:39. We take our hats off to him, challenging a prominent feminist in a deeply hostile anti-male environment. Two other young men in the audience made some points, one of them mentioning MGM, but they were ignored.

The best critique of the programme we’ve read so far is here. It catalogues the many areas in which British men and boys suffer from sexism, none of which were mentioned in the BBC programme.

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