Vera Baird MP v Laura Bates

Our thanks to K for pointing us to a BBC video of a debate on violence against women, held in Westminster Hall on 21 January 2010 (less than four months before the last general election). We can find no record of a debate on violence against men, needless to say.

The website informs us that the start of the recording is missing due to a technical problem. No matter, it means we get to see right from the start, a statement from radical feminist MP Vera Baird, Solicitor General (J4MB has recently publicly called for her resignation as Police and Crime Commissioner of Northumbria, more details on the party’s website.) Ms Baird says:

I used to make speeches on violence against women, saying between two and three woman a week are killed in domestic violence. That statistic now, happily, has to change, and it is – though still far, far too high – something like just over one woman who is killed in that way.

So, where does this leave Special Snowflake, who won the first of her two ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards for claiming in a presentation in London in January 2014 – the video is here – that over two women a week are killed by male partners or ex-partners? The latest official figure, from 2012/13, was 75. Her award certificate is here.

She later brazenly repeated her lie on live television – ‘that is absolutely the official figure’ – after Ieuan Morgan, a Brunel University engineering student, challenged her on the matter. A video of the programme is on our YouTube channel – here.

So even Vera Baird knows Laura Bates is lying. Oops.

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