The difference between men and women


3 thoughts on “The difference between men and women

  1. sparkycarol says:

    That would be unfair, and I agree that men are judged on their appearance as well.
    It’s possible in this case though they are triggering the ‘women have to do their utmost to have the body beautiful’ stereotype.
    The man can not grow taller, but the women ought to be neurotically careful to be thin toned and perfectly made up. Because these things are within her control.
    This remains an inequality.
    I do sympathize with your views though.
    I’m open minded.
    Heard a great poem last night about male gender stereotypes, I want to promote awareness around this.
    I’m planning on an artistic partnership with the poet.

  2. Agree with the person above ^ so true.
    Sexism is laden with so many double standards, which is what my latest blog was about. I was researching reverse sexism while I was writing my blog that strives to eliminate societal imposed gender stereotypes and many people argued that reverse sexism doesn’t exist, do you agree?

  3. fantastic! and so so true!

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